Since 1986 I've been working with computers for various organizations, both quite large and small, from Chicago to Philadelphia to Wilmington, Delaware; also Dublin Ireland, and many other cities across the US.  If you are not using technology for your personal gain, maybe I can help.  Just because you are not a techie doesn't mean you can't use tech in a small way to better yourself.  Let me show you some tricks, no charge.  Use the Contact Us form to start the process.  You can do it, I know you can... :)

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Ever since a night in the winter of 1979 and like 10 degrees out at 8pm, in Houghton, Mi my new adopted hometown, in the Dog House bar, only 16yrs old and not drinking, swear to god, a gang of us sat around a table and I thought that we all had made it as we could be in a bar and not drink, have fun and play “Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light” on the jukebox. Ever since that night, whenever I hear this song, no matter where I am, this vivid memory of that night jumps to the forefront……Tony, Craig, Missy, Chuck, Karen, Rich, Colleen, Alice and a few others… :))) May we all stay young at heart… RIP Meatloaf, you will never be forgotten:

Video link below to YouTube, crank up the sound and sing, loud:

Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Mi, I had nice lower middle class upbringing going to Abbot Elementary, then Forsythe Middle School.   Elementary school is where the forced learning of the new style of math each year by many University of Michigan student teachers happened.   On up through middle school they experimented on us with a new style each year.  No wonder I cringe at some math problems now, yet I went into studying computers in college, mainly because they have a calculator on them, hurts the brain less...lol   

The music in Ann Arbor was incredible.  From the college student jam bands, to the high schoolers trying to make it, one of which Bob Seger sort of did.  He was born in Detroit, but raised in the next neighborhood over from me.  In fact Chris Fillinger would sometimes deliver the newspaper to Bob's parents and I would help Chris a bit for fun.  Then there was learning to play an instrument in 5th/6th grade, clarinet for me.  Middle school saw me move to bass clarinet, I brought a tenor sax home one summer to try to get into the jazz band the next year, but I could figure it out, or maybe it was my lack of trying.

My parents told me to join any sport, any club, etc, what a way to grow up.  So it was baseball, basketball, football, Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts, Lutheran youth classes studying the religion.  I sucked at baseball, but excelled at getting hit by piches, so I had a high On Base Percentage.  I had the hoop on the garage but the slanted driveway didn't helping learning how to consistently hit long shots.  My house was the house for kids to gather at as we had all sort of sports equipment.  Touch football happened all over, since the great Bo Schembechler took over UofM in 1969 raising the level of play on day 1.  He was an instant legend that first year, having beaten his coaching mentor Woody in the first of the Ten Years War games.  The team from down south could have beaten most NFL teams. In 1969, the Buckeyes entered the game as defending national champions and 17-point favorites with the top ranking in the country and a 22-game winning streak. Hayes' 1969 squad included five first-team All-Americans. But Schembechler's 7–2 Wolverines dominated a team Hayes later considered his best, beating Ohio State 24–12. In a single afternoon, Schembechler and his charges resurrected Michigan's football tradition and returned the program among college football's elite. Both Schembechler and Hayes, who remained personal friends until Hayes' death in 1987, agreed it was Hayes' best team and Schembechler's biggest victory. Michigan's win over Ohio State in 1969 is considered to be one of the greatest upsets in college football history and the most significant win for a Michigan team ever.
I had already started going to the games, not all of them, but some.  My moms dad worked for the UofM, he parked cars for home games prior to 1976, then would drive to one of the houses a cousin & I were at, and brought us into games at halftime.  My parents went to some games as moms uncle was a UofM administrator.  Having had 4 seats on the 50 yard line for the start of Bo's run, he then retired and he asked that the seats given to my mom and dad.  $100 per seat for the season for those years was too expensive for my parents, not many others wanted to join the fun, so after a couple years they gave back two seats. 

By then I was on the Ann Arbor Packers, 3 years of it, 1st year on the Freshman team, 2nd year JV, last was Varsity.  Jim Harbaugh was on the 2nd & 3rd year teams, but not on my squad.  But I had a few carpools with him & the Minick twins and their younger brother.  I mainly played left or right guard, but dreaming of play for Bo as we met him several times and lots of the college players.  I also met some of the players at my churches youth group, one of which became NFL start in the day Rob Lytle.  The Freshman Ann Arbor Packers did well, winning more than we lost.  The next two season we were league champs.  Our coach those two years was a former assistant from Bo, Dick Hunter.

But then my mom passed away from cancer in early January 1976, more on this later.  Then the sell outs started in 1976, so my dad picked up 4 cheap ones up high in the north east corner of the end zone.  He was working for the UofM by then, managing students who needed to make money by being janitors in a few buildings, 2nd shift work.  He didn't care for that, knew Domino's pizza was going to hit it big, so started working there to learn the business.  That's where his pizza shop idea was born.  But where to start it.  He choose where he grew up, Houghton, Mi where I had many vacations already by age 15 as his mom lived there yet, speaking mainly Finnish, which scared me.  So as I was taking drivers training at Ann Arbor's Pioneer High, and also doing a few weeks of freshman football, suddenly my dad has me on the wild 'milk' run Republic Airways flights from Detroit to Lansing to Grand Rapids to Escanaba to somewhere else to Houghton.  I stayed w/ my grandma for the first couple weeks as my sister and dad packed up the Ann Arbor house and end up driving a moving truck with a cousin driving our station wagon.  Meanwhile I joined the HS JV football team, sprained my ankle playing touch football on the practice football field on Labor Day, then go into my first day at Houghton High as the new kid in town, but on crutches....coaches were pissed!

I love being a father to two men I admire for their hard word and determination, both with college degrees and the younger one in grad school.

I also love being a step father to my wife's 'kidos', one in college and the other graduating HS this June and trying to figure out which college to attend. 

I also love having a step dog, yes they exist.  Buddy is featured on the Home page, travels between homes as the 'kidos' go and how the extended family travels.  Its great having a built in kennel service!

I love to travel for work and pleasure.  I have been to Europe(8 countries/2 trips), Alaska, Aruba and Bermuda for major trips.

​My passion is skiing in the winter, having skied all over New England, Pennsylvania, Michigan's Upper & Lower Peninsulas.  If you haven't skied Mt Boheima, heck if you've never heard of it, you need to go check it out; Vail, Beaver Creek and Breckenridge Colorado; Deer Valley and Park City in Utah.

I have taught many people how to ski over the years, from 4 year old's up to adults.  I even got my father back on skis one day when he was about 74, albeit for 5 bunny slope runs and then one long green run at Blue Mt ski resort in PA, after which he said "I'm retiring from skiing, right now" :)  Thanks dad for dragging me into the car in 1976 kicking and screaming, not wanting to learn how to ski at Mt Brighton.  Funny how life works since you couldn't get me off the hill that night, with you having to work the next day, school for me.  The passion started that night, continues today.

I also ride one of my two bicycles often in the spring/summer/fall to keep my legs in shape for skiing.  I have recently completed two 65 mile charity rides from downtown Philadelphia to Atlantic City, NJ, raising money for the mission of the Families Behind the Badge Children's Foundation. ​ 

I have helped people with their special travel needs, from "How To Do A Ski Vacation in Vail", to "How To Plan/Book/Execute a Cruise."

I have been a University of Michigan football 50 yard line season ticket holder for over 30 years.  GO BLUE!

2022 To Start The New Year Special:  All services 50% off as we start the new year with brand new services.  A new western US consultant based in Tucson, AZ is waiting on new projects, so western projects are now 75% off during the first quarter of 2022.

I have done Executive Software Training, Executive IT Support, and one on one remote Executive Support.

Defense wins championships.

I'm active in the stock market, giving pointers to friends and family on new companies, new technologies, general ETF/Mutual Fund and 401k advice.  No I am not licensed.

I have done IT consulting work for the Irish government, large and small organizations, grandparents, churches, family and friends.  I have built desktop PC's from spare parts, have crimped coax cable BNC ends, created databases, managed corporate LAN's, worked a busy Service Desk answering end user phone calls to then try to solve on the phone easy password issues to complex application issues during the normal work day and also On Call After Hours support, and have also done Incident Management work during normal business hours and also On Call After Hours support.

People I admire:

Carmen Lynch

Zach Galifianakis - Between Two Ferns is a funny show.  

Charlotte M  -  friend from a prior job, she is doing what most people want to do, quit working, travel & hiking around the US.  Hopefully she finds some pickup volleyball games in her travels.

My wife - I'm so lucky

Tom E - entreprenuer who was a friend, I got married 

Steve Martin - Enough said

Derrick Pitts

Tom Petty

Steve Hartman

Robert Cray  -  

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Tom Papa

All struggling Blues Musicians - "You don't find the Blues, The Blues Find You"

The Meetup website has a local Philly Blues group.  This group helped me for a number of years.  Here's hoping we can all join in on the fun when life becomes easier to live in 2022, 2 years & counting after the pandemic started.  I dare you Rock-n-Rollers to join it, to then learn where Rock was born.

Brittany Howard

Bob Seger

Mo Rocca

John Weldon "J. J." Cale

Tom Hanks

Andy Balog

Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward

Erin Brockovich

Best Broadway Shows:

Buddy Holly Story - London

Million Dollar Quartet - Las Vegas

Favorite Movies - too many, no particular order:

Hotel Rwanda

Continental Divide

The Killing Fields

The Hangover

Reign Over Me


Saving Private Ryan

Erin Brockovich


The first person to email me that they do the same thing as I do, regarding the below screen shot, gets $25.00 from me.  Honest.  Try me.  :))

Last book I read:

Where the Crawdads Sing - Excellent!

Favorite TV show:

CBS Sunday Morning - The ending segment "Moments of Nature" needs to be longer CBS people!

My Skis:

Rossignol Experience 84Ai    -    126 Tip - 84 Waist - 116 Tail

My Ride:

2012 Ford Escape Hybrid with ~55k on it, bought used in May 2019 with ~27,500 miles on it.  When the rear seats are down, plenty of space to fit a bicycle or two inside, less chance of it being stolen inside.

My road cycle:

Trek 5500 Carbon OCLV road bike, Ultegra components, Reynolds Solitude wheels - bought used from a friend, the lightest bike I've ever had, like 6 pounds.

Pasty - Ever have one?   You can order from Pasty.com and your purchase helps support care for the elderly in Michigan's remote Upper Peninsula, my dad is one of those.

Wondering where the snow is falling in the US?  Check this out...



My friends/family/colleagues have completed many important roles over the years in various efforts in professional work in HR, HRIS, Real Estate, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate pricing targets for key selected  markets, Medical Sales, Teaching, Linguistics, Law Enforcement,  Corrections, Architecture, Marketing, Recruitment for IT, Recruitment for Temporary Office Help, Recruitment for Non-Profit Camp Staff including Life Guards/Baby Sitters/___,  Machine Tool & Die, Special Needs Children Support, Construction Management Consultation, Home Window Sales n Service, Aircraft Maintenance Services, Hospice Advice, Professional Hotel & Restaurant Management, Land Management & Land Survey, Home Appraiser, Specialized Teaching ____, Agricultural Options Specialist, Commercial Security Alarm Specialist, Home Security Specialist, Occupational Therapists, Specialized Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Home Admissions Assistance, ____,  Publishing, 

Career counseling/coaching, job search specialist, resume assistance, friendly no cost support while learning about you.

Travel advice, home IT support, remote IT support